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Su Ling

The South Devon Fitness Academy Weekend

Here are a few snippets of the fun and education at The Pelvic Floor Awareness and Adore Your Floor Coach ...
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Progesterone: the Lawnmower

Progesterone is known as the 'lawnmower' it cuts down excess Oestrogen that grows out of control like grass. When there ...
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Magnesium: The Muscle Relaxant

Magnesium is a macro-mineral essential to almost all cells and is used for over 300 chemical reactions in the body ...
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Womens Health: Being In the Pink

Women’s Health – Being “In the Pink” Event

Women's Health - Being "In the Pink"..... Venue: The Willow Centre Chelmsford, CM1 1PE Date: Thursday 11th October Time: 7pm ...
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The Role of Vitamin D Deficiency and the health of the Pelvic Floors

Vitamin D is one of the oldest hormones on earth and is vital to many different organisms. It is common ...
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Nutrition for Women’s Health

We are what we eat…… Every cell in our body was created from the food we eat, the water we ...
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Adore Your Pelvic Floor Class

Do not Ignore your Pelvic Floor

As Fitness Professionals should we consider the implication of exercise on the group of muscles known as the pelvic floor? ...
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