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Hip bone structure

My pelvic floor and yours….

Adore your Pelvic Floor has been mentioned by Emily Kohn over at the Health Me Blog. Read the full article ...
Adore Your Pelvic Floor Class

How To Restore Your Pelvic Floor After Childbirth

We have recently guest written an article for Kegel8, a retailer for Pelvic Toners. The full article can be read ...
Lets talk with Lou

Fitness Q&A at Pelvic Roar

Sam Houlbrook, our Adore Your Floor Coach in Northampton, held a Q&A session with Louise Field. Read the full blog ...
Adore your Pelvic Floor workshop

The Importance of Pelvic Health Education – Fitness and Health Industry

I have recently guest blogged for The Flower Empowered blog talking abut my journey and my Adore your Pelvic Floor ...

As Mentioned on MoonCup

Mooncup published a blog about their telephone advisory service training with Adore your Pelvic Floor. Read the full article here ...
Adore Your Pelvic Floor Class

Do Not Ignore your Pelvic Floor

It was a pleasure to write this evidence-based article for The Register of Exercise Professionals. The pelvic floor group of ...
Pelvic Floor exercises by Louise Field

How to do your pelvic floor exercises – and why they’re so important

Regardless of age or whether you've had a baby. So you haven't had a child? Honey, regardless – you need ...
Nikki Wetherell

YOGAFIT – A journey of self-discovery

Adore Your Pelvic Floor On Tour This past 9 months have been one of the most positively transformational of my ...
Will Smith of Fitness Plus

Male Fit Pros can be pelvic floor experts too!

Hi, my name is Will Smith, and I own and run a gym just outside of Preston called Fitness Plus ...
Su Ling

The South Devon Fitness Academy Weekend

Here are a few snippets of the fun and education at The Pelvic Floor Awareness and Adore Your Floor Coach ...

Progesterone: the Lawnmower

Progesterone is known as the 'lawnmower' it cuts down excess Oestrogen that grows out of control like grass. When there ...

Magnesium: The Muscle Relaxant

Magnesium is a macro-mineral essential to almost all cells and is used for over 300 chemical reactions in the body ...
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