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Adore Your floor Programme

This is 4 one-hour sessions face-to-face with continued ongoing support. This is followed by a home functional programme, available on our private Facebook group or via this website.
We answer your questions and offer advice and share emotional support. Our Certified Adore Your Floor Coaches care and have time to guide you in the best way for your needs.

The Adore Your Floor Programme provides:

  • 4 lessons over a four week period
  • The Adore Your Floor manual
  • Functional home programme
  • The exclusive Adore Your Floor Members’ Facebook group
  • How to recruit correct pelvic floor contraction
  • Stabilising and improving conditions of stress/urge incontinence
  • Bowel conditions
  • Issues of prolapse and the management of
  • Exercises to either avoid or to do during a fitness programme to help improve and protect the pelvic floor
  • Regular contact throughout the course
  • Women’s and Men’s Health Specialist Physiotherapist available on request

We are here to help you every step of the way and are committed to improving your health.
Everyone should have an understanding and gain the awareness of this sensitive area.

Interested in joining a programme or finding out more? Contact us to help you find a local coach and answer your questions.

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Cheeky No Leaky

Adore Your Pelvic Floor Postcard


“I’ve learned not to be scared of my vagina. After the horrendous birth & previous mild prolapse I was too worried to try anything!!!


It’s an honour to teach Adore Your Floor when we receive testimonials such as this…
“Last year I was broken, this year I feel human. I cannot thank you enough.”


Issues with the pelvic floor have been normalised – BUT it is not normal!


On average it takes 7yrs for a woman to seek help for incontinence! The sooner you take action the easier it is to restore pelvic health.


We have the COMPLETE pelvic floor programme

Lisa Marie Allen
Tel: 07791872101
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Milton Keynes & Leighton Buzzard
Maria Burnell
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Gill Aston
Tel: 07854 677784
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Tamsin Phelvin
T. 07534945417
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Suzi Read
T. 07950 230235
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Dorothy Anne Worley
T. 07940165469
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Shelly Burleigh
T. 07876 345510
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East Sussex
Sarah Gaddie
T. 07912 011273
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Bexhill and Hastings
Zoe Ward
Mobile: 07929 337377
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Gill Bauer
Tel: 07779 252432
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Colchester, Tiptree, Chelmsford & Maldon
Louise Field
Tel: 07876 141607
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Heidi Button
Tel: 07739 379282
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Kelly Louise Woodyatt
Tel: 07825 576508
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Greater Manchester
Name: Amy Fearn
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Georgina Shalders-Sharp
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Penny Drake
Tel: 07825 233563
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Angela Walters
Tel: 07702 018712
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Tunbridge Wells
Nikki Wetherell
Tel: 07799 441078 (text only)More Info
Lancashire / Merseyside
Natasha Giddings
Tel: 07866 674 205
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Kingston Upon Thames
Charlie Phillips
T. 07847 756190
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Samantha Houlbrook
Tel: 01604 289 190
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Fiona Carter
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Kirsteen Innes
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Karen Bryson
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Hazel Marr
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Jenna Leon
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Cathy Fort
Tel: 07974 745775
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Gina Fry
T. 07968329411
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Amy Trisnan
Tel: 07725 349104
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Joanna PranceTel: 07970 748913
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Epsom and Ewell
Karen Willson
07771 647132
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Wales (North)
Mehreen Rafique
Tel: 07507460779.
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West Yorkshire
Fiona Peel
Tel: 07917 355642
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Louise Wright
Tel: 07506780188
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Shelly Burleigh
T. 07876 345510
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Libby Banfield
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