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We are an accredited training provider supported by Specialist Women’s and Men’s Pelvic Health Physios.

We can pass on to you the latest research regarding the foundation of the core related to women’s and men’s health and functional exercise.

We offer the latest reseachand teaching relating to women’s and men’s pelvic floor health. Geared towards Fitness/Movement coaches and Health professionals.

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Pelvic Floor Awareness CPD

Recent Testimonials

Thank you for your email and all the attached information. I like your approach – the requirement to complete a worksheet before the day is such a good idea (and very ‘me’).
It means we will all get the best out of the day. This is the most comprehensive information I have seen regarding the pelvic floor that is easily understood and does not use medical terms.
I have my weekend reading ahead and am looking forward to it.

I just wanted to say that my 11 classes taught this week were completely inspired by you! All my clients loved the information I learned and they all went home with a real GOAL.

Teacher Training

FACT: 1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men live with pelvic floor dysfunction.

FACT:  Our breath and movement has a direct effect on this precious group of muscles.


This engaging 8 hour workshop enables you to have a knowledge and understanding of the pelvic floor. You will gain confidence and receive the tools to deal with the subject rather than shy away when working with your clientele. You will come away able to offer suitable adaptions to your group classes or PT client so to ensure you can offer effective exercise prescription.

This CPD includes the following:

  • Why pelvic floor education is necessary
  • The statistics on incontinence for Women and Men in the UK and why Pelvic Dysfunction figures are continuing to rise
  • Contributing factors
  • How to recognise the red flags that could indicate pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Hypertonic/hypotonic muscles of the floor and the implications in exercise for your client
  • Pelvic Anatomy and Function explained simply
  • How the pelvic floor affects the Core mechanics
  • Pelvis and spine alignment
  • The mechanics of breath, core and pelvic floor
  • Understanding Intra-Abdominal Pressure, implications and management of
  • Finding the correct muscles with engagement and relapsation of the pelvic floor group.
  • How to properly cue the pelvic floor activation for both men and women
  • Pelvic floor coordination in movement
  • Pelvic floor loading Vs pelvic floor considerations
  • Pelvic floor conditions & specific exercise with recommendations
  • Exercise & pelvic floor loading
  • Exercise & pelvic floor considerations/modifications
  • Functional pelvic floor strength CIMSPA Education partner Training Logo

Cost: £150

Prerequisite: Anybody who teaches movement or works with women and men. Ideal for fitness professionals, midwives, nurses osteopaths, chiropractors and MSK physios.

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Adore your Floor Coach CPD

Recent Testimonial

Thank you Louise for this amazing gift you have shared with me. I can’t tell you how much pleasure and satisfaction I get from delivering this course and love the first session when everyone arrives worried, apprehensive and embarrassed to say the words poo and wee. By the end of the session they are already engaging and regaining confidence.

I believed in pelvic floor awareness and exercises for many years but even I have been shocked when within 2 weeks someone tells me how this programme is changing their life, how they managed to sleep through the night without needing a wee, or sneezed and didn’t wet themselves and engaging in effective functional exercise.

I feel truly humbled that I am now able to offer your programme to the ladies in my community and really look forward to building my business. I also have to say it is great for my mind and body to be able to earn an income without having to teach another exercise class, I teach 9 Pilates classes a week and so this is a great break from that but also a great way to earn an extra income.

FACT:  Women and men arein need of support and advice with regards to bladder and bowel health.

FACT:  Pelvic floor health can be managed or completely resolved.

This 8 hour CPD adds knowledge giving a further insight and the chance to upskill to have the ability to advise awareness of the pelvic floor to the community.  On completion you will be able to work on a 1-1 level and run group sessions presenting our unique endorsed Adore Your Floor course to your area. In addition, delivering seminars to women and men in the community and the workplace will be an open opportunity to you.

This is an amazing and satisfying additional string to your bow to further your teaching choices and reach a huge new market within the fitness and health industry.  This is a hot topic in the area of health. Men, young women, pre and post natal, pre and post menopausal, post-surgery and clientele of a ‘certain age’ are all your prime attendees.

  • Included in your licence, we give you the Adore Your Floor Home Functional Programme
  • Katrina Wade, Women’s and Men’s Health Specialist Physiotherapist works with us to ensure we have the latest research available.
  • A physio referral system is available when there is a need for diagnosis or issues of complexicity are recognised.
  • The Adore Your Floor programme format and the necessary resources are included.
  • Marketing is available with templates, letters and flyers.
  • Exclusive access to our Adore Your Floor Coach private Facebook group resource hub which is continually updated.
  • Continued professional development sessions covering aspects of pelvic floor health inclusive and free to our adore your floor coaches.
  • We continue to develop as a company and will promote Adore Your Floor Coaches on our website and network.

This is a very satisfying and enjoyable channel to reach out to your clients. We will continue to update and support YOU throughout your exciting journey.

Cost £350 including the licence fee for the first year (renewable annually).

Prerequisite: Completion of the Pelvic Floor Awareness CPD and passion. 

Please note: there is 10 hour’s of pre-course training

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We teach via Zoom within a small group to keep the day interactive and geared to your job role. We break up the training over 2 sessions.

We will send you the pre-course reading to prepare you for the CPD.

The training will be a mixture of theory and practical learning lasting 8 hours with additional resources made available on the day.

CPD Training

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