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Return to Running Postnatal Guidelines – Strength Testing – key muscle groups prepared for running.

29th March 2021

Here are some of our Adore Your Floor Coaches sharing the exercises recommended in the Returning to Running Postnatal Guidelines put together by Grainne Donnally, Emma Brockwell and Tom Goom, with the aim to have a benchmark assessment for women to returning to running postnatally or post-surgery.

Taking on board we are all individuals at different stages of rehab and fitness we offer a modification to in order to build up to the ultimate aim exercise.

All exercises need to be achieved without symptoms occurring, this includes:

Pain, heaviness or dragging surrounding or within the pelvis.

In addition, we want to avoid symptoms of incontinence.

For that reason, we recommend you adjust depth, intensities and reps according to your needs.

Strength Testing – key muscle groups prepared for running

  • 20 Reps of each
  • Single leg calf raises
  • Single leg Bridge
  • Single leg Sit to Stand
  • Side Lying Abduction

The aim is to continue to practice if reps are difficult to complete.

Base line prior to running with regards to pelvic floor exercises:

  • 10 X Reps maximum voluntary fast contractions and releases
  • 8-12 X Reps 6-8 seconds maximum voluntary contraction and releases
  • 60 seconds sub-maximal 30-50% contraction

When starting your running regime begin short 1–2-minute runs considering length of stride and power and walk breaks in between.

Enjoy, x.

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