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A great way to promote healthy habits in your workplace.

#IntheWorkplace #SeminarWellness Seminars and Health Lectures are a great way to promote healthy habits in your workplace.

Our seminars and lectures are presented by one of our accredited Adore Your Floor Team at your place of work. Not only do employees enjoy an interactive and informative presentation on Women’s Health Matters, they will have the opportunity to ask questions during the Q & A session.

Should any of your employees wish to discuss more personal issues following the seminar, our presenters are happy to address these discreetly, on a 1:1 basis.

Topics covered:

  • Issues affecting pelvic health
  • Attaining a reactive pelvic floor group
  • The role of posture and breath in connection with the pelvic floor
  • Further resources
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Next steps:

Call – Call today to speak with Louise Field our wellness consultant who will provide you with a quote and all the information you need to set-up either a one off workshop or the 4 Week Adore Your Floor Programme for your female staff.

A Seminar for Adore Your Pelvic FloorBook – Our wellness consultants will work with you to find a mutually agreeable date and time that will best suit your organization.

Promote – We will provide you with advertising material, fact sheets, and other helpful tools that can be used to help promote your wellness seminar in your workplace.

Present – One of our accredited Adore Your Floor Consultants will present at your workplace on your chosen topic.

Benefit – Pelvic Health issues are an increasing problem for many women, from the new Mum to women who are pre/post menopause. As you continue to implement workplace health and employee wellness programmes, your organization will realize the many benefits of creating a healthy workplace.

Action – Call Louise Field now to discuss further 07876141607

Click here to find out what the 4 Week Adore Your Floor Programme offers

“Amazing it works! I cannot just find my pelvic floor I am performing my ‘lady muscle exercises in my office chair right now. I need a picture of you in a frame in my office to keep me in check! Thank you for making such a personal subject so much fun. I feel so much more confident and can last the whole morning without having to dash to the loo in a panic”

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