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Recent testimonials from students and instructors that have tried the Adore your Pelvic Floor programmes

Adore Your Pelvic Floor Class
Adore Your Pelvic Floor Class
Adore Your Pelvic Floor Class

Hi Louise I just wanted to say that I thought the PF workshop was the best money I have spent in a long time, it was so informative and the informal way you presented it made it really enjoyable, so thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into it. Hopefully you will be able to put an exercise program together which will compliment it, but I imagine you are in a lot of demand for your undoubted talent! There are still some of the exercises that I struggle with, but have the basics down to a fine art, so I am hoping with practice the rest will come. Once again thank you so much for your help and the enthusiastic way you teach

Adore Your Floor was great! I am sitting at my desk at work ‘twitching’ and eyeing my banana with a thoughtful expression!!!
You make things so much fun Louise.

This is a very worthwhile and informative course. The moo movement is especially successful for regularity

As I am lying on my hospital bed waiting to go down for my op, I thought of you and just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help in preparing me with information and exercises for both before and after the hysterectomy, and prolapse repair. I am going into it armed with so much good solid knowledge about my body (my pelvic floor particularly) and all the do’s and don’t’ for the next few weeks. My rogues gallery of you showing me how to do the exercises properly will be invaluable. Hope you have a good summer, and thanks for the contact info. in case I do need a helping hand (or a reminder anyway!!) See you in September for more fun Yoga and Pilates.

Louise Field takes the best fitness classes I have ever attended! Her knowledge of the subjects astounds me and each class gives the whole body a workout whilst being both challenging and fun. At every class Lou takes the trouble to look at each individual’s needs and offers support and recommendations to maximise the benefits of the exercise regime being undertaken.

Lou is an innate “people person”, which is a tremendous asset when teaching any mixed and diverse group. Enthusiasm, encouragement and leadership flow from Louise which makes each class an uplifting experience. From my background in health Care I know the huge benefits to both physical and mental health to attending such a class. Furthermore, Lou is a very discreet person and I would feel very comfortable discussing a private matter with her, knowing that it would be treated confidentially and that she would take any such information into account when offering me fitness advice.

An all round brilliant, fun, friendly and motivational Fitness Instructor, Louise Field, simply the best!

Hi Lou, as you know, I changed my fitness classes this week to move up a gear and am just amazed at how much I have done. If you’d told me this time last year that I’d be able to do all that, I wouldn’t have believed you. Yes, I know that addressing the various medical issues, the physio and a bit of hard work have all played their roles, but quite honestly without you I wouldn’t have done it. Without you, I wouldn’t even have known where to start. You are an exceptional teacher as well as an inspirational person. You know everyone in each class individually, what we each need, what we can do, what we can’t. You know how explain, how to correct without criticising, how to keep classes relevant for everyone, regardless of their level. Above all, you have an ability to motivate and support, to make me believe I can do the previously impossible (while making sure I don’t go too far!). And, of course, you are brilliant fun.

Last year I was broken, this year I feel human. I cannot thank you enough.

Hi Lou, Thanks again for another great Pilates class with Adore Your Body, you always take the time to talk me through the exercise when I am having difficulty with it, and that I appreciate. You make the classes enjoyable and informative and have certainly improved my core, posture and my breathing. I also love your Yoga classes for the same reason, and would certainly recommend your one to one training, as far as I am concerned Lou, you’re “Simply the Best”.

Enjoyed last night. I am practising. My husband wondered why I was pulling funny faces lol.

HI LOUISE, I would like to thank you for all the help that you have given me in your Pilates classes with Adore Your Body. As you know I have had pelvic pain for many years now and because of your help, not only in your classes but with the care and support you have given to me, I have improved greatly. Not only do I enjoy and look forward to working with you but I have learnt a lot about the workings of muscles, the breathing and the body in general. I also appreciate that you introduce exercises and stretches into the class that you realise I might need for my particular problem. Thank you so much.

You are such a star. I hope you know how much your enthusiasm and encouragement means to people, you should be very proud!!!

Hi Lou, thanks very much for a lively, detailed course, and for all that you put into it. As you guessed, yes please I’d like to receive your newsletters. I still have a long way to go to get stronger, but will work as hard as I can.

Hi Lou, totally loved it thanks, I’ve already learnt not to be scared of my vagina 😄 I think after the horrendous birth & previous mild prolapse i was too worried to try anything!!!
Have seen my mum today and been recommending it to her!

Love love the class Lou great to see you again. coming last night did make me realise how much I do miss your fitness classes.

I woke up practising, it’s the influence you hold over me! Thanks a lot.

Thank you for making such a grotty subject so much fun!!

Hi Louise, thanks for your email and texts. They have been good reminders over the past weeks to practice PF exercises. I haven’t been great at remembering, but when I do remember, things all move in the right direction

Amazing it works! I am doing my P.F.’s. I need a picture of you in a frame in my office to keep me in check lol

Hiya. Going well and using it at work to help other’s.

Still doing mixture of exercises whenever I think about it during the day. It is such an easy thing to keep doing as you do not need to get changed into exercise gear and do not have to be in a gym etc. Good job my grandson doesn’t know what I am doing while on the sofa watching cars 2 with him !

I never had a great problem before as through my dancing and sport I would have kept fairly toned. But feel this will help in the future as the ageing process takes its toll. My mother in law has problems and has had to have a ring fitted so would like to avoid this if I can.

I think you are doing a brilliant job Louise. I’v been signed off by the N.H.S continence nurse. Its up to me. Everybody has looked after me well. I had to have two gynaecology ops which left a lot of weakness. I’ll promote your course whenever.

I have been practising all be it periodically with my exercises, but still every little helps. Jumping jacks are no longer the problem they were. Also I have realised my trigger that brings on the urge. I have now bought in strategies to control and calm. FREEDOM at last!
I would like to thank you so much for the course. A must for all

Adore Your Pelvic Floor REPs 7 Independently Endorsed

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