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I am a Mum of 5 boys, and, yes, have experienced incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and gynaecological surgery.
There were times I struggled with exercise and the symptoms; this gave me the passion to create a hub of information to support women during our life stages.

Welcome to the Resource hub!

Our resource hub compliments the coaching you are receiving with Adore Your Pelvic Floor sharing a host of information to support your pelvic floor health and well-being.

On the left column you will see Week 1, 2, 3, 4 and the Exercise Functional Programme to work in conjunction with the guidance from your Adore Your Floor Coach.

We have added bonus information with resources to delve into specific subjects in more detail including advice from Specialist Women’s Pelvic Physios who are expert in this field.

This programme follows NHS Guidance and is endorsed by Women’s Health Physio’s. We also offer practical advice and movement to work WITH your pelvic floor to help manage/resolve women’s health issues.

Please enjoy the resources whilst working with your Adore Your Floor Coach,

Louise x

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P.S. Very importantly

Please can we ask for your help…

We are presenting to the healthcare sector the need for pelvic floor health to be freely available to everyone. This can be achievable if we submit accumulative data of the symptoms women experience prior to starting out a pelvic floor health programme and the results gained at the end of 4 Weeks.

Please join us on this venture; we will be extremely grateful if you can submit the forms in the links below.

Thanking you in advance – from myself and all the team at Adore Your Pelvic Floor.

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